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Triarchy: A Colony!Atlantis AU

Droping Secrets

Triarchy: A Colony!Atlantis AU

When everything starts to change, what will remain the same? Atlantis has broken ties with Earth and become it's own colony but three different governments are rising on the planet which only makes life more difficult as sides are chosen and lines are drawn.

Droping Secrets

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Kady round
Title: Dropping Secrets
Rating: PG
Summary: There are some secrets we'd rather not let out-but seem to tumble out anyways. Gen.
Charaters: Dr. Novak and Major Lorne
Spoilers: Season two-so far as characters go. The stories at colony_atlantis and the previous fic by lilyayl
Authors Notes: This is part of the universe being built in Triarcy, the colony_atlantis AU community. Done for sga_flashfic challenge Secret Superpower.

Hermiod wasn’t an easy individual to work with, but Lindsey loved her job. There was little that she found more satisfying than

“Dr. Novak.”

She looked up from her console to the man standing over her. Major Lorne was not a man one could easily get a read on. It was not comforting with the insecurity that had been plaguing the ship since Dr. Weir had given Colonel Caldwell the Alpha Site “Major.”

“Can I see you in my office?”

“Yes.” Lindsey nodded and made sure her console was in order before standing. Self consciously she brushed off her uniform. She pulled herself to full height as she followed him through the ship to his office.

Upon reaching his door, he paused to wait for her to go first. She shot him a nervous smile as she slipped past him. Lindsey walked to the middle of the room and looked around, not really knowing what to do with herself. “Have a seat.”

“What can I help you with? The ship is running satisfactorily, is it not?”

“Yeah, the ship’s great. I just wanted to talk to you about your position here on the ship and where things are going.”

“Where things are going?”

“Yeah. Things are up in the air now that Colonel Caldwell has taken the Alpha Site and I am on the Daedelus. You guys have been sort of stranded up till now, waiting for them to put someone else in charge of the ship and I just want to get an idea of how things work here and how everything will be handled, where people are going.”

“Going? People will be leaving their posts on the ship? Where would we go?”

“Well, not everyone wants to serve under me. I’m just reviewing things with everyone to figure out how the ship will run the best and where everyone needs to be.”

Nerves had been clouding her since Major Lorne had put himself in front of her console. Sitting in here, facing the idea that she would be removed from her ship, they only got worse. She kept knotting her hands and trying to focus on the positive, that he might not be getting rid of her, but it didn’t seem to be helping. She couldn’t think of leaving her ship.

Lindsey's eyes widened as she felt the tell-tale pressure of a jewel climbing up her throat. She pressed her fingers to her lips, holding her mouth shut. Major Lorne was still talking to her but she couldn’t hear anything. She was focusing too hard on trying to keep the stone down or at lest unnoticeable.

"I guess that's a no, then,” she heard, his voice finally penetrating her panic. “I hate to lose you." Lorne stood. He rapped the table once and started to leave.

"No!" She said. A diamond fell onto the table with a loud thunk.

"I mean, yes, I want to stay, but--" Emeralds. A sapphire. And Lorne was staring at her, his mouth slack.

“I um…” a ruby dropped out and Lindsay looked up at Lorne with wide eyes. The panic was overwhelming her and all she knew was that she could not stay here. She would not be able to make it any further through this conversation. She made a grab for the jewels on the table and made a break for it. The diamond however escaped her grasp. It was left, half spinning on the hard surface of the Major’s desk.

Lindsey ran all the way back to her quarters on the Daedelus. She dropped the fallen jewels into the small box she kept in her room that was now full of jewels from her few inabilities to control her talent while aboard the ship. After all the years it had started to add up. And now, now it might have cost her everything. If he was going to send her away it should have been because he thought she wanted it, not because he found out she was cursed.

Of all of the times to lose control…

The sound of pounding on her door echoed through the metal. “Dr. Novak! Dr. Novak! Open up.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes. If she was going to be let go she would do it face to face. She cleared her throat once, nothing in there. Opened her mouth and made a small noise, nothing. She could speak to the Major without making the situation worse.

She slid open the door and faced her new, if temporary boss, standing on the other side. “Come in.”

The way he was looking at her, it was if he was looking at the weirdest, if non threatening alien they had seen in the galaxy. Lindsey tried to figure out the best way to broach what happened when Major Lorne opened his hand to reveal a diamond. Lindsay's breath caught and she struggled to keep her nerves as minimal as possible.

"Did I, or did I not, see this fall out of your mouth?" he asked, his voice surprisingly calm. "Because I think I might be going a little crazy."

“I understand if you want to let me go.”

"I…no, I think you're an important member of this crew. I just…” he looked down at the jewel in his hand and then up at her again, questioning, “this fell out of your mouth?"

"Yes. It's a family condition."

"A…” His mouth hung open for a moment before snapping shut. Major Lorne shook his head and pulled himself back to the major who had asked her into his office. “Okay. Well, I'm assuming no one knows about this."

"No sir."

"You want to keep it that way?"


"Alright.” He nodded once and Lindsey felt comfortable again for the first time since he interrupted her work. “It's good to have you aboard Dr. Novak. This is yours, I guess."

Lindsey looked down at the diamond that was glinting in his hand, that he was offering back to her. “No, sir, you can keep it.” A small smile flitted across her face, “I’ve got plenty.”

“Okay.” He slipped it in his pocket and gave her one last measuring look. In the end he just gave another standard military nod. “Keep up the good work.” And with that he was slipping out the door to her quarters back towards the main part of the ship.

As the doors slid shut behind him, Lindsey let out a sigh and allowed her long frame to collapse on her bed. The curse hadn’t cost her anything this time. She still had her job, her image on the ship would remain in tact, as Major Lorne had promised. Her read was better now, the promise would remain unbroken. Her life was as it had been thirty minutes before.

With one last calming breath, Lindsey pushed herself to her feet and once again straightened her uniform. The doors to her quarter slid open with a hiss and she strode into the hallway. Hermiod would be wondering what had taken her so long by now, as there were still a number of repairs that needed to be done.

If nothing else Major Lorne would not regret his decision.
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