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Triarchy: A Colony!Atlantis AU

Title: Your Highness Rating: G Summary: Sometimes your friends…

Triarchy: A Colony!Atlantis AU

When everything starts to change, what will remain the same? Atlantis has broken ties with Earth and become it's own colony but three different governments are rising on the planet which only makes life more difficult as sides are chosen and lines are drawn.

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Kady round
Title: Your Highness
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes your friends really are no help.
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Laura Cadman and the rest of Ladies Poker Night
Continuity: Post-Announcement
Spoilers: Duet, Clean Break

Few things were sacred on Atlantis, but one of them was Ladies Poker night. No man knew where it was, there were regulars-Laura Cadman, Katie Brown and Dr. Biro, and then various women who rotated in. Currently the table was surrounded by four women, with Dr. Novak joining them from the Daedelus.

Laura Cadman leaned back in her seat and smirked as the door slid open to reveal Dr. Weir. "So, your highness, you've decided to grace us for a game of Ladies Night Poker?"

She was shot a glare. "I am still Dr. Weir, or Elizabeth to all of you. Just because we have broken ties with Earth for now and are living out here permanently, doesn't mean that I am royalty of any sort.” Elizabeth waved her hand, as if to brush it away as she slipped into a seat. “I am simply...the woman in charge."

Laura narrowed her eyes as the cards fell into place in her hands. "How does that differentiate you from a queen?"

"I'm not that imperial.” Elizabeth ignored the looks of incredulity and eyed the cards in Laura’s hand. “Now are we going to play poker or not."

Laura smirked a little more. "Sure, not an imperial bone in your body.” She shuffled one more time, before raising an eyebrow at the group before her. “Texas hold 'em?" she asked surveying the group.

There was a round of nods and Laura began passing the cards around.

“So, most queens require a king,” Katie started in, earning a surprised look from Elizabeth. “Any prospects?”

“They do not,” Lindsey Novak put in, looking up from her cards. “Elizabeth the first of England didn’t marry, so why should Elizabeth the First of Atlantis?”

“Even if you don’t marry, and no progressive woman needs to,” Laura insisted “I’d think of getting a man or two to warm your bed if I were you. Who would want to be the Virgin Queen?”

It took quite a bit to keep from smiling, but she managed to keep the carefully sculpted look of disapproval on her face. Elizabeth found herself thanking god that she had to deal with John and Rodney on a daily basis. “I am not Elizabeth the First and there really is no need to go speculating about my love life as it’s currently non existent.”

“But there might be a prospect eventually?” Katie Brown questioned as she angled her cards up to peer under them.

“Aren’t you nosy? No, there are no prospects. I am the leader of this expedition, which means everyone reports to me and it would be wrong for me to initiate a relationship with any under my command. Now, I see the blind and I’m going to raise it ten.”

“Ooh, she’s playing tough tonight,” Laura said with a smirk. They’d started enough for the night. It was definitely worth seeing where this went. But for now they’d play poker. “Katie, it’s to you.”
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